Chin and I share a common struggle give years go. She used to depend on a corned beef value pack worth Php7.00 as an employee earning minimum wage while I had survive with instant noodles as unemployed. I tried selling siomai, pizza roll, hotdog bun on the sidewalk for a living while finding a decent job. People were laughing but we didn’t really care. We started as a team and we made it through life’s battles as a team. Some think we’re lucky to be living the life we have now but the truth is, before we were able to enjoy the finer things that we have today, we’ve had to go through the worst.

We were not successful when we met back in 2012. In fact, we’re two struggling souls who were going through our own personal battles. I was an unemployed who was struggling to pay off a Php2 Million debt from a business venture that collapsed, trying to make both ends meet. Chin on the other hand was a hotel employee who was earning minimum salary.

We were kicked out of the home office that we rented because of missed rental payments. All we had left were a few clothes when we transferred to a boarding house. For six months, we lived in a small room without a window and a common bathroom for twenty people. We slept on the floor. We could hardly eat three times a day. We had to survive week after week with instant noodles and canned goods.

Life was so difficult back then that Chin had every reason to leave. But she chose to stay. She crawled when I was crawling. She cried when I was crying. She went through all the troubles of being with a failure like me. I thank God for my wife. If not for her support & encouragement, I won’t be where I am today.

If you’re going through struggles in your relationship today, choose to support each other no matter what happens.

There are times when you will see the worst in each other but no matter how ugly life can look like, choose to stay. Remember that the battle can only be won when you work together as a team. And most Importantly, put God at the center of your relationship. Only God can help us see the best in each other during the worst times and still believe in faith that life will get better.



Dear young couples,

We found love in the most unexpected and complicated moment. I was a 23-year old unemployed struggling to pay off a Php2 Million debt with a commission based career while Chin was struggling with her minimum wage job only to make both ends meet week after the other. We had a rough start and we experienced the lowest of lows. We were not successful when we met each other. We were two struggling failures who came together and worked our way out to succeed as a team.

We made it through the most terrifying moments of our life because we chose each other even when life wasn’t beautiful, even when we weren’t lovable, even when we got hurt, even when we had all the reasons to let go. We chose each other over pain, over the nasty words, over pride and ego.

Love is a choice. It is not surprising to know that most couples who stay together for years aren’t the sweetest or successful. A lasting relationship is not composed of two perfect people, but rather imperfect people who choose to love even when it hurts, to forgive even when it’s hard, to forget even when it’s painful, and to believe in each other even when it doesn’t make sense anymore. It is a choice that we make every day of our lives.

Celebrate each other’s season. Be there for each other’s struggles. Support each other’s dreams. Let your love bring out the best in you and God be the center of everything that you do. Marriage isn’t always about winning but choosing to stay even when we know we’re losing the battle. For richer or poorer, For better or worse.

Our story may be different from yours, but we wish that you always choose each other no matter what happens. If you’re meant to be together, you will stay together. But you can’t stay together if you don’t choose each other. God bless your relationship ❤️

Sending our love,

George & Chin